Vampire Coven


You have been traveling for a long way.. and you have found yourself within the Lekadi Forest, up until you have found a clearing with a large mansion. There is no turning back, you've already made it this far alive and have gone through many close calls in that forest and you need a place to recooperate.

Once you step up the stairs and open the large double doors, you will see all of the furniture which consisted of a few couches, love seats, and chairs. There is soft lighting through out the whole coven, and at the end of the Main Hall, the three thrones would sit there, with the two stair cases right behind them that leads up to the hall of many bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you look towards your left from the entrance, there is a door that leads to the large library to which had many new and old books. Yet when you look further into the library you can see a transparent door that leads to a magnificent large green house garden with different colored rose bushes, bleeding heart bushes, and many other different kinds of beautiful, exotic, and extinct plants all around. It also has a winding stone path that was decorated with benches as well, and beautiful stone statues here and there through out. Now going back to the entrance; To the right, is the bar which holds many different types of alcohol to ones heart so desires. It also has many beer flavors and ice coolers, even pop if you want it. To the left of the bar is the door to the kitchen/dining area, as well as huge storage area where they held most of the dry food and liquor/beers. To the right of the bar is the door to lead you to a very large public washroom with showers and toilets. Then moving further into the room is a refreshing large 15 foot deep pool and the infamous blood jazuzzi that had people wondering how it always overflowed with fresh enticing blood for the vampires and other many creatures. That is your tour for tonight, while you roam the coven.. be wary, guests. Although this is a coven of vampires, with other creatures lurking, we have our share of dangers. Make sure you block your thoughts out and mind your surroundings.


Updated: 4/17/2017